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NewsNew Historical Spa Venue ! 😆

New Historical Spa Venue ! 😆

To visit The Skin Co spa is an experience in itself, even without the gorgeous spa faculties and high-end spa treatments, the historical street and Georgian building is a physical memory of the real London decades ago. Here Jack the Ripper spread fear over the area called Spitalfields, and the Georgian houses were built with pride. The economy was on the rise, and you can really see that in these impressive buildings and streets around the spa. With lots of tours constantly cruising around outside, you’ll see the incredible popularity in street art, London history, vintage clothes shop, galleries, old pubs, and highflying city workers all merged together in this vibrant part of London!

And most importantly, it’s a very safe place to visit in the central of London, even later in the evening.

The London spa itself offers an exclusive and private hire of a big spa room with jacuzzi. Decorated with hanging plants, sun lounges, and our famous hanging chair, which is perfect for reading a magazine with a glass of bubbles! Our spa day treatments can be enjoyed in our big couples or triple rooms located on different floors in the building! You’ll get to visit and enjoy a beautiful spa day treatment in an absolutely stunning Georgian building from 1720, which is a historical museum itself without actually naming it ‘museum’.

We offer a wide range of different spa treatments such as hot stone massage, aroma-inspired spa massage and facial, bespoke facial, foot treatment, head and scalp massage, body wraps, and scrubs. With enough notice, anything is possible! We are minutes away from the iconic pub ‘the ten bells’, the very famous Spitalfields market, Brick Lane for curries, arts, and galleries in every corner, and walking distance to major underground and overground lines that will take you pretty much anywhere in London within 30 min.

This London spa experience is not the usual soulless spa visit. This is something you’ll remember forever, and you’ll also get the VIP treatment of a 5-star London hotel because we’ll make time for you. Every single guest is important to us, and we treat everyone the same regardless of spending amount.

This is the perfect gift for a special person in your life, anniversary that will never be forgotten, that Mother’s Day she’ll always bring up year after year. Even after work drinks / leaving drinks will suddenly make more sense! Or just wanting some alone time to get away for a few hours all by yourself. This spa day experience is special and unique, and you cannot find this anywhere else, this is guaranteed. Xx

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